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Anonymous said: The leaders of the white community need to speak out about the riots at pumpkinfest. This white on white violence needs to be addressed. Savages.







MAYBE if they stopped wearing polos, yoga pants, and Uggs, they would earn our respect during this tragic crime!

Look, I’m not a reverse racist.  I have white family members and friends.  But if the white community needs to get this stuff under control, we need to make sure white children aren’t growing up in this destructive culture.

Tuh! well MAYBE if they weren’t so LAZY and did well in school they wouldn’t be such thugs! I MEAN, look at me! *I’ve* worked hard for everything I’ve gotten, they have no excuse!!!

Maybe if they spent less money on pumpkins and more on taking care of their baby-leashed kids, this wouldn’t have happened. smh

I blame the parents and that nasty, misogynistic music they listen to! Ugh.

Yeah! White people took rock music and turned it into gyratin hip swingin sinful nonsense!

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Redditor AL0311 posted this picture of his friend dressed up as Ray Rice on Sunday, writing, “My friend came to the party as Ray Rice.”

“Ladies were falling for my friends Ray Rice costume,” he wrote in a second post today.

This is fucking disgusting. What part of a woman being KNOCKED OUT UNCONSCIOUS is funny/appropriate for Halloween? Stop.

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Inflicting violence on black womanhood is a form of entertainment in this country

everything and I mean everything a black person could possibly do will likely be caricatured my fucking god it’s like white people can’t get enough of it.


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where is God?

within the hearts and souls of those who commune with the essence of the Most High on a daily basis, whose daily works reflect a worship of this divine source, not just what is done or spoken on the sabbath

god is not anywhere isms are worshipped in place of harnessing the superior power of the divine

My first Howard homecoming parade. Although I was in it and not watching it, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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i am not reincarnating back into this shithole